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Absolutely love it! The music especially stands out; I'd love to hear an extended version of it. Overall, this was very well done!

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As always, one of the most polished entries in Newgrounds' recent animation lineup. What I especially like about this episode is that it contains more humor with a specific connection to Pokemon, as opposed to your usual brand of bizarre, comedic debauchery (which is also great, but a change of pace is refreshing). I only wish the story progressed more quickly in each episode. Keep up the great work!

Sexual-Lobster responds:


I'm so glad you could make such a worthy sequel to (what I consider) one of your best animations! The new voice acting was an especially nice touch, and it's interesting to see the plot take a more violent turn towards the end. Can't wait to see where you take this idea!

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Sexual-Lobster responds:


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A nice follow-up to Infiltrating the Airship. You've clearly improved your skills and polished previously seen aspects of this series.


I love the new location and characters. Working with the female convict was my favorite part of the game, and I hope to see her return in a future installment. I also loved the various references to other video games as well as to your own series.


While I appreciated the appearance of both Charles and the Toppat Clan, their inclusion in the story removes some of the "fresh start" quality of these games. Thus far, every game in this series has been connected, but each new game begins with a clean slate, with no loose ends to tie up.

Lastly, I had some gripes with the voice acting, but that was minor in comparison to the following point: past games in this series, especially Escaping the Prison and Stealing the Diamond, could easily be beaten if the player thought strategically, with fairly straightforward sequences following each choice, but this game and the one before it has been less predictable with its consequences. Since this game requires strategy to beat it, I hope that future games focus more on the player figuring out the solution than randomly stumbling upon it.

Overall, this was a great game! Hope to see more.

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PuffballsUnited responds:

It's hard to find a balance between fresh start and not. I like to be able to build up some characters, so it's nice to bring back characters from other games. People like Charles and the Toppat Clan and I wanted to do more with them.
I can def work on the voice acting though! I think that's where I need to improve the most. I'm not sure I agree with your point about logic either. TBH I've never thought about logic when deciding which options are correct or not.

This is not a game. It's creative, it's morbidly amusing, but it's not a game. Not completely broken, per se, but it's got no substance.

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Fun, yet hard. The mooks were OK, but the grenade guy's barricade was too hard to jump over. Concept, levels, and bosses were fun and addicting. Even though I want the console version now, I wish the ending had been a bit more than an advertisement for that version. Overall, fun and addicting, but not much else.

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Squeal! Love the rhythm, love the percussion, love the synth. This sort of upbeat techno is my bread and butter.

AliceMako responds:

Glad you like.

Very retro and full of laid-back energy--for a new-wave electro beat, of course. Killer bass, lovely synth, and the wind-like sound effect was the icing on the cake.

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Believe it or not, these are all synths including the beat and that wind/woosh effect :3

Love the consistently solid reverb and the melodic contrast! Bonus points for techno--it's one of my favorite genres. Keep it up!

AliceMako responds:

Glad you like, setting up the master chain for this one was quite a bit of work, and yeah convolution reverb <3

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Well drawn and includes awesome characters.


When I saw this, I thought it was actual LEGO! How did you do that?

Vertlain responds:

Making 3d model is the easier part since its that simple. It all comes down to proper using of materials and rendering engine. Thanks for the review :)

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